First, thank you for deciding to read our Scentsy story. Now, a little about me starting a Scentsy business. I (we/our family) started with Scentsy in November of 2007. At the time I was unemployed and looking for a way to earn a few extra dollars to cover the household luxuries (groceries, laundry soap, acrylic fingernails, OH Yah and a hair do).

My mother Judy Thomas was in Washington visiting my brother when she first seen Scentsy. She called me and told me about the products. I went online and checked them out. I called my prince charming and told him about it.

He told me that it sounds like you get your money’s worth in the startup kit so go for it. So I signed up that next day after a little research like the fact that back then there was only a  few people selling in California (125), the products virtually eliminated the danger of fire from candles in homes and that the fragrance lasted so long. So I talked it over a little more with Prince Charming and the rest is history. In Jan 2010 everyone’s worst nightmare happens, MY Prince Charming got laid off from his job. THANK GOD we found Scentsy!!!!

I have since met so many great people, either at home parties, craft shows or online that make it all worth the initial investment ($99), (money that at the time we really didn’t have). Scentsy has brought me out of my shell, I am not as fearful to talk to people as I once was. I am still coming out of my shell. LOL

Now, Scentsy is our full time job and it fits in perfectly with our busy lifestyle! testers. 

 Should you decide to join our Scentsy Family, we will be as excited for you as you are! Prepare for this wild ride and you will go far!!!


Christi Fletcher

Super Star Director


[email protected]

Team “Ditch the Wick Chicks”

Established 11/13/07


Check back as we will be adding more shows

Escalon Lions Club Car Show
in Escalon CA Sept 2018

Manteca Pumpkin Fair
in Manteca CA Oct 6-7 2018

ST. MARY'S Craft Fair
in Oakdale Ca Nov 10-11 2018

Cowboy Christmas
in Oakdale CA Nov 23-24 2018

Riverbank Cheese and Wine in Riverbank CA Oct 13-14 2018

Christmas on Main in Escalon Dec 2018