Why Buy Scentsy???



When people ask why do I choose scentsy warmers over other brands…..

Why Choose Scentsy wax warmers?

Scentsy Warmers use low wattage light bulbs and are safe to leave on just as you would a lamp. Scentsy Warmers are ALL flameless. Some could employ a heating element in place of a bulb. The style variations are also in my opinion artistic expressions of one’s personality traits or design flair.

No flame also means no wick and no soot. Soot is ugly and can build up on your walls, clothing and furniture and even could possibly cause respiratory problems.

Because Scentsy Warmers do not use an open flame the wax does not burn, it is warmed instead. This means that the wax is not delivered into your air. The wax remains in the dish for you to dispose of when the fragrance is exhausted..

Unlike competitors, Scentsy Warmers come with a lifetime warranty on manufacturer defects. If you ever experience a problem with your warmer contact the consultant you purchased it from.

Scentsy bars have a superior scent throw. Because the bar wax is not burned it has the advantage as it doesnt need to mask the burning aroma as a conventional candle would. The warming of the wax means the scent is released from the candle and not burned away.

Authentic Scentsy Products are only sold by direct sales consultants. So when you purchase Scentsy Products at a Scentsy party or here at GoSootless.com my Scentsy website your purchase is guaranteed.  I will make every effort to make your experience a positive one.